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Junior Golf Sponsorship Opportunities

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South Jersey Golf Association wishes to thank The New Jersey Golf Foundation Inc. for their very generous donations to spearhead the 2016 SJGA Junior Golf Initiative.

SJGA Individual Membership is open!

As we get ready to launch our spring 2016 tournament season, SJGA would like to update you on all changes that have occurred within the organization. Most importantly, the SJGA By-Laws have been changed after the Rep Vote held at Buena Vista Country Club.  Click here for more info

2016 SJGA Tournament Schedule

Per Player Entry Fee includes greens fee, cart, prizes and gratuity

M/W indicates Men’s event and Women’s event

MX indicates Mixed event







5/9 Stone Harbor Golf Club M/W/MX Spring Better Ball of Partners 9:00 am Tee Times $65 4/11 - 4/25
5/26 Old York Country Club M/W SJGA Spring Sprint – Stroke Play 9:00 am Tee Times $90 4/26 - 5/10
6/6 Westlake Golf & Country Club SJGA Open M/W/MX Member/Guest Best 2 Balls of Foursome 9:00 am Shotgun $70 5/9 - 5/23
6/23 Sea Oaks Country Club M/W/MX SJGA Team Championship 9:30 am Tee Times $88 5/26 - 6/9
7/14 Greate Bay Country Club M/W SJGA Senior, Pre-Senior Amateur 9:00 am Tee Times $80 6/23 - 7/1
7/27 Galloway National Golf Club M/W SJGA Mid-Amateur 8:00 am Tee Times $150 6/29 - 7/13
8/8 Linwood Country Club MX Jack ‘N Jill Best 2 Balls of Foursome 9:00 am Tee Times $89 7/11 - 7/25
8/22 Riverton Country Club M/W Cherwien Cup Championship 9:00 am Tee Times $105 7/25 - 8/8
9/13 Little Mill Country Club M/W SJGA Amateur 8:00 am Tee Times $90 8/16 - 8/30
10/17 Atlantic City Country Club M/W SJGA Fall Better Ball 9:00am Shotgun $110 9/26 - 10/04

A final M/W/MX SJGA Fall Better Ball of Parters event will be added at a later date. Please periodically check for more information.