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Club Membership

Founded in 1946, we are a volunteer, not-for-profit 501c3 organization whose mission is to promote amateur golf, to encourage friendly competition and to create an awareness of and appreciation for a variety of courses in southern New Jersey.

Greetings and Happy New Year,

South Jersey Golf Association is beginning its 73rd year of providing an enjoyable and competitive tournament schedule for its members while promoting play on Jersey golf courses. However, supporting Junior Golf is a primary objective that SJGA has diligently endorsed since its inception in 1946.

In the past, we would utilize some monies from club dues to promote this cause. Since last year, we have utilized all monies collected from clubs to provide substantial scholarships for graduating seniors from any southern Jersey counties. Where once we would give $500 or less in scholarships, we now give much more. Last year we gave 7 scholarships, totaling $6500. With the cost of college attendance increasing at such a high rate, we are making every effort to assist at a respectable level.

We truly need your support in order to continue with this endeavor. For the price of $100, you will be listed as a “Silver” Junior Golf Initiative Patron on our website homepage. Your $100 contribution is strictly for supporting this purpose. Where once we had 45+ clubs paying dues to SJGA, we now have fewer than 25. Sadly, once we no longer required clubs to pay membership dues for their members to participate in our events, club membership dropped.

Most clubs have junior members and many host high school teams located within their area. Additionally, many club members have children who play on high school golf teams. Additionally, clubs have Pros giving kids golf lessons.

While there are many scholarships available at all high schools, including sports scholarships, SJGA specifically honors graduating seniors who played on their high school golf teams, show academic success, leadership and a commitment to community service. You can view the winners over the last 10 years at our website, under Junior Golf. You can see which high schools and counties the winners have come from over this time period.

Attached is a listing of Patron levels for our Initiative beginning with the $100 level, the starting point for clubs. Please review the Patron Levels and the numerous promotional benefits associated with each one. SJGA has 501c3 status and your donation/patronage is tax deductible. Become a patron today either by mail-in or online at our website beginning Thursday, February 1st. We ask that you to commit to our initiative by April 1st as we need to assess the number of scholarships we can give prior to reviewing applications and awarding the recipients in mid-May - early June.

We need to replenish our coffer to continue with this initiative and we are directly appealing to you to help us. While the Board of Directors will be pursuing numerous other avenues to help with this endeavor, we hope that our golf clubs in New Jersey will assist us by contributing to this worthy cause.

Please note that SJGA has Women’s Team Matches competition every year, with 12 courses participating. If your course has a participating women’s team, this Silver Level of $100 is required.

In behalf of the SJGA Board of Directors, we thank you.

Gail Reilly, President